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Who We Are

Medical Device • Pharmaceutical • Biotech • IT

At Professional Search Centre, Ltd., we implement a high-touch, service-focused model of talent acquisition and management made possible by our boutique style. Our firm takes a deeply personal approach to finding the people right for the team and the team right for the professional. We believe the hiring experience is a distinctly human one. At PSC, we find where client and candidate needs intersect and form mutually beneficial connections.

PSC has long been established as an ethical and quality-driven company focused in medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech, and IT. We find the talent, building teams that match the targeted goals of our clients, offering recruitment and consultation at every level of the spaces in which we work.

Our Mission. Our Purpose.

As a boutique agency, focused on medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech and IT, we rely on these guiding principles to get our candidates and clients where they need to be. Our mission is…

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To provide superior services capitalizing on, and utilizing, advanced technology with a staff of highly qualified, well-trained professionals.

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To identify the needs of clients and consistently exceed their expectations with prompt, courteous service and professional behavior.

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To provide our clients access to exceptional people who will enhance their ability to thrive in highly competitive markets.

Meet The Team

Jerry S Hirschel, CPC

Having been in the business since 1986, Jerry remembers when he used to mail resumes to clients. He started out recruiting IT candidates and was on the board of the state association from 1992 – 1996. When PSC employed multiple people, Jerry trained and developed his team of recruiters and is most proud when he hears from them and learns they are excelling in their chosen career paths. He enjoys the fast pace of recruiting and follows Mario Andretti’s philosophy, “If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.”

Mia Hirschel
Vice President

After a stint as an advertising account executive, Mia transitioned to the staffing industry in 1992. Working mostly back office, she uses her core competencies to keep things running smoothly and ensures our boutique firm remains connected to the concerns of clients and candidates. She’s a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and her motto is “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

What Others Say

Hear what others are saying about our services.

Client, Success Manager

“Jerry is the most effective recruiter I know, I have worked with him for over 20 years. He understands the basis of the businesses he recruits for, knows how to represent roles to potential candidates in order to entice their interest, and is as good as any in the business at closing the sale. Honest, well-versed, easy to deal with, and always willing/able to go the extra mile to make sure the candidates are proper matches for the role and make sure they know it. Excellent, no reason I can imagine not to work with Jerry.”

Candidate, Automation Engineer

“Jerry was very proactive and helped facilitate an open line of communication between myself and the company as we worked through the interview process. I appreciate his help with the transition.“

Candidate, Sr Electrical Engineer

“Jerry completely blew away my incorrect negative stereotype of recruiters. Jerry helped me find a job I'm more excited about than any other job I can think of. He didn't repeat every little utterance I made during the process to the employer. He DID translate what I was saying about my tech background to front-line HR staff who may not be technical.

That's hugely important for companies who want the right technical person and technical people looking for a job that's right for them. He not only found me, but when I accidentally reverted to arcane jargon due to the normal discomfort of the interview process, he interpreted, steered me back to plain language, and made the process comfortable.“

Navigating the path to successful hiring solutions.

At PSC, we want your business and your career to continue moving forward. Reach out to our medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech and IT recruiting team and strike up a conversation today.