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Acing Your Phone Interview and Getting to the Next Level


It seems like most of our clients begin their process with a phone interview.

Phone interviews can be used as an elimination tool by employers. Because of this, it is important to be properly prepared so you can wow them and be asked to the next level of interviewing.

Do you have everything you need?

Materials. Ensure you have all your materials accessible, including:

  • a copy of your resume;
  • a notepad; 
  • preliminary questions you may have (please, no benefit or salary questions);
  • the job description; and,
  • any information you possess on the client. 

When possible, turn off any “outside” distractions, including the stereo or TV, and especially your cell phone.

Smile while you talk. Mia just gave this direction to an actor performing in Dracula and it markedly changed the way the line was delivered and received by the audience! 

This simple technique will enable you to come across as more friendly and alert. Use a mirror to check your facial expressions while on the phone.

Make sure you have a glass of water nearby. Nerves can cause our voices to shake, or our throats to go dry, and you don’t want to come across as nervous. 

Stand like a super hero!

To increase your energy level and convey a better image, stand up while on the phone. This will dramatically improve your responses to questions, as well as improve your presence. 

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