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Best Practices: Working From Home


PSC began in 1989 as a business based at home. After growing from one employee to twenty over a period of fifteen years, PSC was right sized and moved back to being home based in 2004. 
We’ve worked at home for many years and it’s certainly not for everyone. As the coronavirus makes its way through the world, forcing businesses to keep their employees at home, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you what has worked successfully for us.
Designated Work Area
I’m not sure what a work life balance will look like during or post-pandemic. Being able to separate work from your personal life is important and having a designated work area can help.
Whether it’s an extra bedroom or a room in the basement, I feel being able to go to the office is important. Having a set work space will also help you focus on the job at hand, and ensure all materials you need are convenient.
Work Hours
If you work at the office 9-5, then you should be at your home desk roughly during the same time frame. It’s important your co-workers know you’re available. With these unprecedented times you have to demonstrate you’re a team player, reliable, and ‘there.’ 
Working from home can be a blessing, but it can become a curse if you’re not careful. It’s all too easy to spend an extra five minutes in the office that can turn into hours. Don’t neglect spending quality time with the family. Again, having specific work hours will enable you to keep this a blessing.
If you’re in a business that requires you to work across time zones, being at home is especially convenient. 
No matter where you’re working, the brain needs breaks. Without co-workers or the proverbial water cooler, you might feel inclined to stay at your desk. Don’t do it! Get up and go for a nice walk. Fresh air is great for your outlook on life and will boost your creativity. If you have pets, it’s all right to take a few minutes for them, or do some household chores. Multi-tasking, and the feelings of accomplishment, are an added bonus.
The pandemic situation has forced many employers to make massive changes to their business model. They have to trust their employees to do what is needed, and for many, having people work remotely is very new. Make certain you don’t abuse this trust. Some companies use online products (like Asana) for viewable task lists. This helps people work more cohesively as a team and helps show what you’re working on and what has been completed.
Summing it Up
If you need to connect with your colleagues in a larger way than a text or email will allow, use Google HangoutsZoom, or GoToMeetingFacetime and Skype are additional options. Let your strengths shine, begin each day with something that makes you smile, and remember, we’re all in this together.

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