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It’s Really Who You Know


It’s Really Who You Know

My daughter, Randi, finished the spring semester of her junior year of college at home, just like so many other kids. Even before the semester ended it was time to look for a “summer job.” As you all know COVID 19 has made this summer anything but typical. She filled out numerous applications online, and went to local businesses to apply in person. Randi even had a few interviews. Nothing resulted in a job. 

I could practically feel her frustration. And, to be candid, after weeks of Randi being home, Mia and I were ready for her to find a job.

We walk a lot in our family. After dinner one evening, Randi bumped into a new neighbor walking her dog. They had some small talk, and Randi mentioned she was looking for a summer job. Then she did something really important: she asked if the neighbor knew of anyone hiring.

Sure enough, the neighbor works at a local park district and has been finding it difficult to get summer help. My daughter now has an awesome position working as a beverage cart person at a local park district golf course. She is meeting new people, both employees and customers, and is really enjoying the summer. 

The saying of it’s not what you know, but who you know still rings true. 

The moral of the story
In short, a seemingly random encounter can be the next vital step in your career. 

Talk to everyone. In elevators, in line at the grocery store, at your kid’s school, on social media. You just never know who may be hiring, or who is looking for someone just like you.

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