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Lowering Turnover and Increasing Retention: Part 1


Hiring Smart – Hiring Right

There is no better way to mitigate turnover than by hiring the right people. Make sure you’re hiring candidates who not only have the skills and experience you need but who also fit your company’s vision and culture.

Yes, this is more easily said than done.

While the internet is filled with many things you can do, we are touching on just two we feel are instrumental in navigating the path to successful hiring solutions, and they both occur during the interview process.

Company culture.

Skills and experience are irrelevant if the candidate doesn’t fit your company culture, so having a clear understanding of that culture is critical. What defines it? What kind of workplace are you looking to build? What traits do you most value? Jason Kulpa of Underground Elephant recommends knowing the specific characteristics that make a great employee, based on your culture. Asking questions that highlight values or interpersonal skills will help you assess those traits.

Sample value and interpersonal skills questions include: 

  • “Tell me something you’ve taught yourself in the last six months.” 
  • “Besides school or work, what has shaped you?”
  • “What are your core values?”
  • “Tell me why you would be a good team player.”
  • “What kinds of people do you like to work with?”

Pay attention to the questions candidates ask.

During the interview process, any good candidate will ask thoughtful questions. Remember an interview shouldn’t be one sided, but more conversational. A great candidate, says Brian David Crane of Caller Smart Inc., “cares about the team they’ll be on, who will be managing them, and how they can help take your company forward.”

Summing it up.

Taking steps at the very beginning will help you ensure candidates are a great cultural fit. Ask the right questions, develop a good strategy, and you’ll be hiring smart and lowering turnover in no time.

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