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Time to Assess Your Process


You’ve heard it’s a candidate’s market. Unemployment is low, and you’re having a hard time even finding good people, let alone getting to the point where you can extend offers and increase your staff.

The team is overworked, the hiring manager is going crazy, what can you do?

Well, when was the last time you assessed your interviewing methodology?

Resume Black Hole?

Think about it… Do you reach out to candidates that have applied? How long does it take for you to make contact? And, once in the system, how long before an interview is scheduled? How many interviews are in your process? Do weeks or even months go by before a decision is made to extend an offer?

If you are serious about bringing on board the best of the best, you need to look at it from the candidate’s perspective.

Who is interviewing whom?

Today’s candidates are interviewing you and your company. They need to know they are valued. They also need to know you and your team are certain their contributions would be relevant. When you put a candidate through a phone interview and then multiple face to face interviews, and have this occur over a period of weeks, you are putting doubt in their minds. The candidate will begin to question the decision making abilities of the manager, and, with many options available for that candidate, he or she will begin to look elsewhere. Just like that, your company is no longer first on their list and you’re starting over again.

It isn’t always about the money.

Candidates have many options. With the influx of younger candidates to the job market, your focus should be changing. Candidates are asking themselves if yours is a company they want to work for; what is the company culture like and does it fit their values; what sort of 21st century benefits does the company offer; is there a work-life balance?

Summing it Up

For years we’ve seen increases in hiring during the holidays. Sure, scheduling can be complicated with vacation time, yet having a start date of January 6, 2020 is feasible, so don’t stop looking for that next great hire. The time to begin your process is now and we can help. Share your toughest to fill position to jerryh@psc-usa.com and we can talk in more detail.

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