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This is a great time to learn what’s hot in recruiting. Employer branding, technology and boomerang employees can impact how your company attracts and retains top talent.

It is a good time to take a look at changes that are looming on the horizon. The talent attraction landscape is changing every day. The effects of a diverse workforce, technology and social media are key influencers. Let’s take a look at top trends to watch in 2014.

Strategic recruiting will become a bigger focus. As the economy continues to improve, competition will be more aggressive for candidates, especially between large corporations and smaller start-ups. This will result in higher counteroffers and a need to make quick, highly-informed decisions.

Because of this, retention will become a bigger challenge. Moving, and even promoting, existing staff into new roles that maximize their skills will be hot in 2014. These shifts will help retain current employees and open up great opportunities for building teams of new talent. However, early turnover with new hires is predicted and will need to be factored into the recruitment strategy.

Employer branding will continue to be an emphasis in the New Year.  Recruiting will look more like marketing than ever before. However, the employer brand will need to translate into an employer value proposition that resonates with target candidates. To determine that target audience, the employer will need to gather data. In the past data collection has not had a large emphasis in talent acquisition. The use of metrics will soon determine a company’s ability to attract the best candidates.

Technology will also continue to be a hot trend. Mobile optimized websites that are easy to navigate and have one click application functions will make it significantly easier for your target audience to apply for your opportunities. The use of video interviewing, online candidate assessments, and LinkedIn and Facebook profiles as primary reviews of potential candidates will increase in 2014. More and more companies will be offering remote or virtual positions in an effort to tap into a larger pool of candidates.

While technology is king in many respects, it will never replace face-to-face communication and personal touches. Career fairs, either traditional or virtual, will continue to be a key recruiting tool, especially with the youngest generation. College recruitment is still important, but adding efforts to recruit from online universities will be the biggest change for 2014.

Rehires will also become a primary target in times of talent shortage.  Companies will begin attracting former employees with proven track records.

Creating a strong brand image that is reinforced by strong candidate experiences will result in stronger hires and increased profits.

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